Insert Disk dialog box appears, prompting you to insert the EtherCD. Your file should now look like this your slot and bus numbers may be different: Copy the Intranetware client installation files to your hard drive. When prompted, restart the PC to finish the installation. Click Yes when Windows 95 prompts you to shut down and reboot the computer. Click the plus sign to the left of the Network Adapter class to expand it. Click OK to close the Network window.

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Press Restart Now to shut down 3co, restart the PC. Click OK in the Network Settings window to accept the choices you have made. When the Share menu opens, select a shared name and the way you want to share the folder.

When you see the prompt, enter: The installation is complete. The Network Settings window appears. However, because there is no industry-standard way to support shared interrupts, other NICs may support them differently, or not at all. Running Group 2 tests while connected to an active network can cause intermittent failures.

Command line with explicit parameters 3. The minimum three components required to connect to a NetWare server are: The Update Device Driver Wizard starts. Type the following path to load the NDIS 3 driver: After the Answer File is created, you begin the installation process.


Click No, and then click Next.


Click OK in the Network Setup window to start the installation. It is assumed that Windows for Workgroups has already been installed on your PC. This is a NetWare-related issue and the current work around is to reboot the PC to reestablish the NetWare drive mappings.

The components of the loopback plug you are using may be defective. Limited Warranty; Limitation of Liability All warranties and limitations of liability applicable to the Software are as stated on the Limited Warranty Card or in the product manual accompanying the Software. Click Setup in the Network Drivers window. The Windows NT Setup dialog box appears.

Network setup now requires the vendor-provided network driver diskette. At the prompt, enter: Command Line Keywords You can use the first two characters of any command or parameter as a shortcut. The workgroup name must be the same for all of the computers on your network with which you want to share information.

Further, no license is granted to you in the human readable code of the Software source code. Windows 95 selects the NIC from a list contained in the install file and displays it in a Window.

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The defaults are NIC number 1 and Group 1 tests. Click Close to close the Network window. Click the Adapters tab. Add clients by choosing the client and clicking the Add button.

From the menu that appears, select Sharing. Click on Networks in the Network Setup window. There are no parameters associated with the LIST command keyword. See the NIC’s user guide for instructions.

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