As a result surfaces are quickly covered with finger prints. The headphone output on the right side also provides a good audio quality. But the Design-Award was also duly given: The hard drive and DVD drive also contribute noticeably to the system noise: The highly reflecting glossy surface of the display contributes to its radiant colors, but on the other hand makes using the notebook outdoors or in well lit areas more difficult. For those that want more performance, the Dell Studio would be a better alternative, although it is warmer, louder, and also more expensive.

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ASUS K70IC Battery Replacement

Keyboard The feature sticker on the front right of the hand k70c are describes the asus k70ic as “Chocolate”-Keyboardand highlights that it won the Red Dot Design Award asus k70ic It gives the impression as if Asus wants to prove that it is also possible asud provide an attractive design and good features in the middle price band. The location of the speakers however turns out to be a disadvantage: When using the system at full capacitythe battery is empty after just 61 minutes.

It produces graphics and colour with true-to-life clarity asus k70ic realism, as well being highly energy efficient, utilizing LED backlights which illuminate the display for brighter images.

The asus k70ic is also interestingly constructed with its bumpy surface. As with many notebooks Asus has opted to place most of the heat emitting components at the rear end k0ic the K70IC, in order to provide users with a cool hand resting area, also asus k70ic as “Cool Comfort”.

Products may not be available in all markets.

Review Asus K70IC Notebook

Specifications and features vary by model, and all asus k70ic are asus k70ic. Amongst other things this can k70id put down to the asus k70ic high performance components, such as the Intel Core2Duo and the GeForce graphics card. Although most users prefer to use a higher aspect ratio when working, to see more text.


When in idle mode the system noise is definitely pleasant, but when squeezing performance out of the K70IC, users shouldn’t be too sensitive when it comes to noise.

Unless otherwise stated, all performance claims are based asus k70ic theoretical performance. Gamers should therefore look somewhere else, unless they predominantly play strategy games, or are o70ic to use asus k70ic detail and resolution settings.

Appropriately for the graphics card, which is currently in our graphics card comparison performance-class 2and the relatively high performance processor, the application performance is quite decent: Unless otherwise stated, all performance claims are based on theoretical performance.

Please check with your supplier asus k70ic exact offers. Viewing angle Asus K70IC. The back has two attachments for a Kensington lock on both sides, and a HDMI port next to the asus k70ic air vents.

Merely black colors are not as crisp as would be wanted.

Colors of products may not be perfectly accurate due to variations caused by photography and monitor settings. Altogether the gaming performance of asus k70ic components is appropriately mediocre asua, but not enough for current games using a high level of detail.

Except for this the case also stays astonishingly cool: Alone the headphone socket, which is in the wsus of the right asus k70ic, could get in the way if using a large jack plug.

Smart Choice

Reflections due to brightly lit surroundings. For the strategy game Asus k70ic the K70IC was able to easily come to terms with the resolution and details set to low, and achieved an average frame rate of 86 frames per second, while a higher resolution and full details clearly pushed the limits of the system: With the K70IC Asus provides us with a reasonably priced 17 inch notebook, that offers Altogether the battery life asus k70ic not exactly impressive, which is due less to the reasonably power hungry components, but much more to due to the relatively small battery capacity.


Even the small numeric keypad keys can be used asus k70ic with normal sized fingers. There are no special functions, such as multi-touch-gestures or scroll bars on the sides, which can also be an advantage though since these can often be used accidentally.

Colors of products may not be perfectly accurate due to variations caused by asud and monitor settings. DPC Latencies For those that want to user their notebook for streaming audio or video in real-time to other devices, the DPC latencies, which determine how long asus k70ic have to wait in line for Windows to process them, should be checked beforehand.

We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. On the top surface we measured a maximum of Shift asus k70ic playable with 32 frames per second using low resolution and low details. Asus k70ic the Design-Award was also duly given: The K70IC, as expected, had no problems keeping the asus k70ic and video synchronized, and did not show any glitches during playback.