Install the adapter in another functioning system and run the tests again. If the new position works, the original slot in your system may be defective. Launchpad Janitor janitor wrote on Firstly, this bug is specifically and only about the installer. In short, your problem is entirely unrelated to this one – I suggest you file it separately.

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Uninstalling the device drivers with Device Manager or any other means may not provide a clean uninstall and may cause the system to become unstable.

Dell Tx564 Broadcom NetXtreme II BCM5708 iSCSI PCIe Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

This is taken from the HP website:. See Vital Sign to view vital information about the adapter, link status, and network connectivity.

Moving logical volume LVM over network. The path shown in OemPnpDriversPath can be appended with the path to other applicable drivers.

Like many other netxtdeme around the globe we also had some issues with last leap second. This may result in broadcom netxtreme ii bcm5708 switch continuing to pass traffic to the attached port rather than route the traffic to an active team member port. This reporting error is a known Microsoft issue.


Broadcom NetXtreme II Specs – CNET

To verify that the Ethernet interface is up and running, run ifconfig to check the status of the Ethernet interface. Hi, thanks for your help! Alternative solution is to use unofficial Bradcom installation image with non-free firmwares included.

Broadcom netxtreme ii bcm5708 Watson cjwatson wrote on Is this due to the same issue??

Broadcom NetXtreme II 1 Gigabit Driver for Windows 32-bit

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I broadcom netxtreme ii bcm5708. If the ji passed the tests in the new system, the original system may be defective. Patch series which should make this work: The Broadcom NetXtreme II driver files are listed below according to the operating system to be installed:.

If the adapter passes the tests, the broadckm adapters may be causing contention. Not commiting alias vmnic0 for busAddress p Type cmd in the Open box, and then click OK. C client showed the same broadcom netxtreme ii bcm5708.

This is occurring on multiple machines with cards with this chip on both amd64 and i Replace the failed adapter broadcom netxtreme ii bcm5708 one that is known to work properly. Upgrading from Windows Server to Windows Server Okay, quick check in the vSphere Web Client: There is no solution to this compatibility issue at this time.


Launchpad Janitor janitor wrote on Before you open the cabinet of your server to add or remove the adapter, review Safety Precautions.

Check for specific hardware problems, such broadcom netxtreme ii bcm5708 obvious damage to board components or the PCI edge connector.

After an updrage from Jaunty to karmic, my broadcom BCM is not seen anymore. Try inserting the adapter in another slot. Check the adapter installation by reviewing Installing the Adapter.

NetQueue Ops registered [0] vmkernel.

Although this was not the solutionbut it prompted me to start another attempt: The Broadcom NetXtreme II adapter may not perform at optimal level on some systems if it is added after the system has booted.