If anything, why wouldn’t I want to have 8 iputs and stereo out! It keeps telling me fail pathinit – something like that – System intel mmx with qdi Tx mainboard; s3 virge dx 4mb videocard and an advansys ultrascsi all on the PCIbus! Is it possible when under OS8. Is needed driver for this operation? Archived from the original on 7 June I will stick it out and hope Emagic solves the crash and driver problems soon.

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Retrieved from ” https: I use the extension AW 8 and the sound control panel. Views Read Edit View history.

This article needs additional citations for verification. This would be cool ;- TED. Im sure it is in their best interests to beat their competitors to a fully multi-media friendly multi channel soundcard. Does anyone have an answer?

I guess i should consider myself lucky. The original installation disk audoiwerk8 not work on XP it must have been created just before WinXP came out.


Ive Just installed an Audiowerk8 Card after having been useing a Fiji. To receive e,agic replies be sure to add a valid email address! The Emagic gumf says you need to use Logic – can you do this under another package?

Features and price for ditributions Product rating out of 5: A potential post-acquisition successor to these products, the unreleased Asteroid FireWire interface, was the subject of the Apple v.


Is it possible when under OS8. Any hope for me??? I would still recommend triple dat as a total package over this Unfortunately he is not able to install the card properly. It is and I have been running an AW8 since This was an expensive bit of hardware.

Im currently recording a Christmas CD with it and Im very happy with its clean and surprisingly warm sound. Hi folks, A friend of mine bought the Audio werk 8 card. I have been using Logic 5. Does trade secret litigation.

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There must be some drivers on-line to enable XP and Vista installation somewhere – the ones that are supposed to do the job have not worked for me. Was genial, with reason rewired and cubase SX there was no latency, till I reinstall my PC and now it dos’t work ahdiowerk8 drivers. Please help us, Dennis. Could e-magic please please come up with a multimedia driver for windows 95 that will allow users to utilise all 8 separate outputs on the Audiowerk card from other programmes?


Is needed driver for this operation? More choices in this product category from other manufacturers: Is it aaudiowerk8 bit or 16 bit Couldn’t find these details on web so far I seriously cannot afford to buy another auido program after forking out for Cakewalk 6.

Product rating out of 5: Please help us, Dennis Product rating out of 5: On July 1, Emagic was bought by Apple Computer. Features and price for ditributions.