The “data” over GPIB is only the measured sweeps. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. It has museum value, in other words. ALways running into problems. At work we have an HP A and the only way to get data off is a disk with a USB floppy drive and it is fairly straightforward to import the data as a text file into whatever plotting program you like. We were using a simple console C program, to run various automated sweeps, and getting the data from the machine, and outputing to a text file for analyzing in Origin. I must have been looking at a different software page then.

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Agilent Technologies / Keysight Technologies hp4145 Analyzer

ALways running into problems. So, I get that the first line polls the data ready and puts the result in A and then the second line checks if the bit is 0 or 1 but I’m not entirely sure how to convert this to another language.

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If in doubt, contact the mods before posting. And then there’s the file format itself. Want to add to the discussion?

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To do this you have to boot, load and set a particular setup of which there can be many on a single diskand then run your remote program to suck up the data and the settings. If not I’ll go back to the cleaner, easier I’m looking 44145a some 90’s digital scopes we have in our lab.

hpa GPIB through LabView write but no read

The connection software that comes labvirw it, polls the USB and recognizes the device. How do you like it? I have never worked with the machines that you labvview are talking about, and I never will, but as someone who works in a lab with some ancient equipment I can say with authority that posts like this are what makes the internet a little better every day.

I must have been looking at a different software page then. Only slightly less screwed on reading the disk and data on it.

It seems so simple until you find out all the little problems with extracting the data a normal way. I can’t tell you anything specific about your machine, you need to get the programming manual for it because every machine has a unique set of commands it responds to. It will do everything you need. Submit a new link. I did some research over the summer using one of these. For those too young: And not even the newest versions of this: I could spend all day talking about TS from constructing custom steps to running tests and building custom lxbview models but feel free to pm me for my email so i can answer specifics.


The GPIB trick above is the other way to get to the data.

Submit a new text post. It has it’s ups and downs. The code I see is. It’s unsupportable and not designed for anything by manual lab bench use that dumps measured data to a printer primarily.

In all likelyhood there is a better way, but, there it is Someone actually knows the lanview of this old HP device! Hopefully, this works out.

Instrument Driver Search – National Instruments

And then there’s the filesystem issues. It has museum value, in other words. I’m not familiar with it but when you want to control a piece of test equipment it’s always the same routine, locate hl programming manual agilent is pretty great about still serving those, I checked and this one is availableconnect a gpib cable and start chatting.