Interestingly I thought this device was recognised by a driver last time I tried it, which was quite a while ago. I got it running via Live CD. Now I know how superstitious types feel, as I try a bunch of thngs; but never really know what causes problems, nor what get results. I couldn’t get it to do anything useful but that might be for a number of reasons: Login with Google Forgot your password? A protocol bridge, to ethernet, to pfSense.

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Most 3G modems present themselves as a serial device not ethernet.

Sharing your phone’s Internet connection by USB tethering

Sounds like you’re up to your neck in technology that almost works together. When I wanted to post here, I’m surprised I got to get to use the phone as a gateway without rebooting. After about 10 minutes the phone will connect and be set up. I need to be able to back up my phone so someone needs to get this fixed.

Mass Storage – Bus Device Well, while on my Linux – Ubuntu Login with Google Forgot your password? However, no reaction for my phone. I should be able to get to the lan and my WinMo gateway separately, but it would be nice for the internet traffic to ALSO go through the pfSense box. I had reset my phone to factory default.


Rndis – Internet Sharing – Bus Device Using the term RNDIS is not really helpful here because it implies some Microsoft proprietary protocol whereas in fact most of these chips are supported by various other drivers. I’m surpriesed I even found such, as internet searches will dump you into what most people are buying. I used another HDD and the box is up. I guess they like everyone have been over run by spammers.

Product information, software announcements, and special offers. It also worked for me! This phone was announced in and I bought it second hand injust when MS pulled the marketplace for WM 6. I do not have AndroidHtcSync2. For zero cost you could load the X86 version of OpenWRT onto your box instead of pfSense and see how far you get with that. As if I would be able to do so Switch to Hybrid Mode.

Android Apps and Games. I don’t have my notes at hand…. Rube Goldberg would be proud!


HTC USB Modem Driver | USB Driver

That comes back as invalid, on a couple internet M. I need to pull myself up by the bootstraps ;- before I try to debrick. What hardware have you installed pfSense on? I have tried Hasoon and it doesn’t see the phone.

Windows says it is an unrecognized device. Another protocol bridge to give hair-pulling “experience” I would like to root the phone and install a custom rom. To All, Fndis too had the same problem with the HTC-Sync-Manager and had tried everything suggested elsewhere, on the internet, and did not find the HTC websites rneis helpful on this issue –to my disappointment.

It would not surprise me to find that that TP-Link device does not recognise your phone, it may be only looking for serial devices.