The error code I get act as though the client system isn’t event processing the request. We are using Landesk management suite 9. I can close the remote control session, come back to the server a little later, and a Remote Control session to the same computer has reopened. BUT, on remote control i push the Shift Button and the autologin continue???????? If it matters, they are local administrators on the workstations. Remote Control session without Management Console. Application Popup Event Category:

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Sometimes those systems come back online and since they are not trusted by the domain anymore RC is not allowed. Mirror drivers don’t support Aero effects.

Instead of disabling landesk remote control mirror driver, I logged on from my iPad and logged back off and watched my Win 7 Ult desktop refresh with Aero functioning normally. Select type of offense: Unable to use RCViewer isscntr. I landesk remote control mirror done this in the past but cannot remember how to accomplish this.

It strikes me as a bug, or an unexpected interaction, or just poorly written software. This has not occurred when remoting into a system with a single monitor, and it does not happen on every landesk remote control mirror monitor remote control instance. Hi to All, I have tried to read most of the available solutions but to no avail.


I copid some files like “isscntr” and mrror and the session started – the landesk remote control mirror come but i get no remote screen an my PC.

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I’m at a loss of how to enable it. The drawn images stay on both your screens until you click conrtol eraser in the drawing tool palette. Disable Switch Mode Button. Landesk remote control mirror noticed my machine no longer using Aero and going through the exact process posted here. I would like to distribute a certificate based on the local admin account to allow a way landesk remote control mirror technicians to remote control them to get them added back to the domain.

Remote Control Operators group missing. I am running LDMS 9. Since I am not a Mac guy, I assumed this wasn’t a problem.

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Shift doesn’t work to open a different session. I am running 8. Popular Discussion Threads in Remote Control.

Computer issues are inevitable, so in-house technical support is a necessity for organizations with a lot of computer users. Technical support staff can use the application to fix software and hardware errors via remote access, rather than spending time explaining procedures to customers over the phone. All three are bit with Windows 7 Professional. Being stubborn, I have tried landesk remote control mirror read up on everything and trouble shoot this myself, however I need some pandesk before I open a ticket with LANdesk.


Contact us about this article. This should not be, however, LogMeIn Uses a mirror driver as well and will only disable while it is connected. I can close the landesk mirror control session, come back to landesk mirror server a little later, and landesk remote control mirror Remote Control session landsk the same computer has reopened.

You could disable it in Device Manager or uninstall the remote software as a test. Browse the Latest Snapshot. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog.

I have LANDesk 9. I scanned landesk remote control mirror machine that I had just contol into and the same ports were listed: By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy remotw cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

What we want is only allow approved administrator to remote control the PC without permission while the rest of the LANDESK operator follows the normal procedures user gets prompt to ask for remote control access. Then the machine landesk remote control mirror show up in the scope and my help desk can remote control it.