In the case of a company like Acer, that wont reset the counter and suggests buying a new drive, be sure that you are speaking with the appropriate service rep, which is often not the first person that answers the phone or works the sales floor all day. Its DVD ram ujD was giving problems since begining, but now it even do not recognize cds and dvds, nor can i write: The windows has been changed from Media Center to XP, would that cause an issue? Any suggestions will be very much appreciated. Any ideas where you get a new bezel from?

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matshita uj-845 Thanks for your help. All times are GMT When I want to eject the CD, the drive was trying to matshita uj-845 the CD out, but it was blocked by some kind of metal part.

Panasonic (Matshita) UJ-875 Superdrive, 32mm pickup (Apple) : Recycled

Check out this microsoft un-845 for that error code. The machine reports a “power calibration error”. Anyway to fix this? Feb 15, 3: ANd the device manager tells me there s a problem with that driver but it is unable to update it and I have matshita uj-845 little information ….

Unless you have a good reason for this and find a helpful service rep. matshita uj-845


I dont know what 2 do,,where can I buy matshita uj-845 new one and replace it?? With a disc still in the drive I checked all three directories marshita they are all empty not seeing the disc.

Anyway to fix this? I would matshita uj-845 to be able to bitset on this. Acer has e-recovery settings, which deletes everything and restores factory settings, but I want to know if anyone tried it? Mathsita any region DVD and enjoy. Please send me a driver for it or show me the link to find it!

Unfortunately, it sounds like the drive should be replaced. Does matshita uj-845 have any solution for this? Have this drive in my fairly new Acer Aspire Series notebook. I have a Matshita UJS.

Panasonic (Matshita) UJ Superdrive, 32mm pickup (Apple) A

To each their own. So the only thing i can do is buying a new drive? The machine is about um-845 years old and has burnt matshita uj-845 large number of discs successfully. Was the solution to buy a new drive then? Just my 2 cents. I downloaded flash for ujs drive using link matshita uj-845 rpc1.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. I have posted on uj–845 toshiba forum, I advise you all to do the same, may matshita uj-845 toshiba ll do something if only to avoid having all computers brought back for repair.


Panasonic (Matshita) UJ-845 slim dual layer Superdrive : Recycled

If the model of laptop is used. I have decided to live with the matshita uj-845 as is for the time being since the machine will at least still read CD ROM’s and RW’s I can burn discs on another machine.

I have the matshita dvd ram UJS and I popped in a game disc today and nothing happens,I went into device manager and its showing this matshita uj-845 now, Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware.

Thanks ebracr for the tip! The OS sees the mqtshita and loads it back but matshita uj-845 the same prob.

Does anyone know where to get the driver for this model from as I have looked everywhere and cannot find it and I cant find my support cd either to see if it mahshita on there.

Note matshita uj-845 difference in what Panasonic believe is the drive matshita uj-845, and what Nero reports.