Click photo to enlarge. The operating mode is set with the onboard DIP switches so there are no jumpers to lose. Wheels for Servos and Miniature Wheels. Very versatile and effective little controller. Very well made and does what it should. After 3 weeks finally received new sabertooth. Peak currents of 45A are achievable for a few seconds.

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The DTE RS module is a tight and tidy way to convert RS computer-level signals down to a microcontroller level signal strengths. Said they would sent me another unit and would ship it out on Monday.

I have several of these controllers and they all work very well. I will revise this review next week? Buy Kit with Accessories. Synchronous regenerative drive Ultra-sonic switching frequency Thermal x225 overcurrent protection Lithium protection mode. Other products you may be interested in: Because it’s no longer available. The regenerative topology means that your batteries get recharged whenever you command your sabertooth 2×25 dual motor to slow down or reverse.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. It’s a brute, but sabertooth 2×25 dual motor smart enough to talk in many ways!

Great customer service and as I said my son loves this for his lawn mower! Called Dimension Engineering and they were very supportive. Click photo to enlarge.


Robot MarketPlace – Sabertooth 2 x 25 Dual 25A Motor Driver

Sabertooth is the first synchronous regenerative motor driver in its class. Sabertooth Dual 12A Motor Driver Dimension Engineering Sabertooth 2X12 is one of the most versatile, efficient and easy sabertooth 2×25 dual motor use dual motor drivers on the market.

The Sabertooth 2X25 is a great product.

Sabertooth This item is quiet, powerful and gives more speed for the same sabrrtooth voltage than the other speed controllers I have used. Temperature and Humidity Sensors. Used and Surplus Items. This item is quiet, powerful and gives more speed for the same battery voltage than the other speed controllers I have used. Sabertooth 2×25 dual motor have been using the unit in a prototyping environment. Sabertooth is the best solution for my featherweight, very small and supports well two Dewalt motors for driving.

No annoying whine mogor with this unit and a pair of W scooter motors. This sabertooth 2×25 dual motor would greatly benefit from a build in “Power On – Delay” to allow microcontrollers a chance to initialize, before the Sabertooth begins sending power to the motors.

Sabertooth 2X25 uses 1. It talks in 4 methods, so you’re sure to be able to use it for your project. Overcurrent and thermal protection means you’ll never have to worry about killing the driver dusl accidental stalls or by hooking up too sabertooth 2×25 dual motor a motor. Glue Gun and Accessories.


Dimension Engineering Sabertooth 2X25

Very precise control and PWM speed control, even at the slowest speed sabertooth 2×25 dual motor works great. And it have a 5V 1A Output voltage regulator. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. It is suitable for high powered robots – duual to lbs in combat or up to lbs for general purpose robotics.

Setting up is cinch. Given its capability, it is a good value. Sabertooth 2×25 dual motor 9 months ago. I intend to buy this again, and will put up a review detailing performance and usage then.