Scratch Amp that plugs directly into the back of the TTM Technic s are the absolute standard in the DJ world. Today, there are a number of feature-filled DJ softwares available that offer many ways to build your performance. With over 50 years of innovation, Stanton is the name DJs trust. Please send us your comments and suggestions via our feedback page. The sound quality is insane!!! Mixxx Community Forums Skip to content.

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I don’t think that there should only be one type of scratch amp available, and I have a feeling that in the future there will be different types of amps made for different situations and users. Technic s are the absolute standard in the DJ world.

In order to install this update please download the approiate. Our strategy is and has always been to stay focused on releasing only the most innovative digital solutions, based on emerging technologies, and on what makes sense through the eyes of the DJ.

Final Scratch v1 ‘ScratchAmp’ on Linux

The ScratchAmp’s integrated switching power scrafchamp can be powered directly off of the FireWire bus of a Mac laptop or powered externally when permanently installed or used with a PC laptop. Wishlist Log in to view your wishlist. The sound quality is insane!!!

I have yet to meet a DJ that has used the mixer and hasn’t fallen in love with it. It is an unbelievably solid mixer that is great for scratching as well as mixing. Our full range of DJ equipment from all the leading equipment and software brands. Stay tuned for the next steps I’m not really a big fan of either my TTs or mixer, but I guess they are okay.


Actually, I didn’t even get to the “playing” part because the app would just hang and checkout when I saved the preferences. Revolutionary, Have you tried the TTM 56 yet?

I know that other companies are making really good turntables but they keep comparing themselves with the s. Reply with quote duplex audio with scratch amp v1? The small and rugged aluminum chassis is perfect for home use or on the road. We will continue to support our loyal users, and over the coming year you will see a digital product strategy unfold from Stanton that gives you the tools you need to reach performance abilities you never thought possible as a DJ, allowing you to take full advantage of the digital DJ technology that we pioneered with FinalScratch.

I’m just curious about other people’s preferences. What features would you like to see in Serato software? We’d like to know what you think of Juno’s website.

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I would check out the american ebay and buy one off of there. Could be less expensive there. Mixxx Community Forums Skip to content. Discontinued Stanton Final Scratch 2.



ScratchAmp Sound Card Drivers For FS 1.5

To arrange a return, just contact our customer service department on or email us at support juno. I’m loving scfatchamp mixer even more now.

Thanks again for the help, kddubb. You don’t wanna run Reason at the same time as SSL, if you’re only using one computer. The World Class Stanton ScratchAmp ScratchAmp is a generic but powerful audio interface tailored towards the inputs and outputs wcratchamp a performing DJ would require when using software.

I did have problems with the playback speeds from vinyl, but since I’m using the old Final Scratch records I think I just need to buy the Serato’s instead and it should take care of that. Founded inStanton Magnetic’s is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of professional audio products for club and mobile Scratchapm and turntablists. You should give it a try.

As we progress into the new year, Stanton would like to address our FinalScratch loyals, and give you a little insight as to where we’re headed. FinalScratch OPEN scrattchamp you with a rock-solid audio foundation and from there the choice is yours