For individual settings you can choose between three different inserts: Special easy setup, light, well balanced. The ComCard Up’s patent-pending design guarantees zero deviation of the compass needle and at the same time offers the comfortable SPORTident punching experience that you have come to rely on. Warranty Thermal-printer 1 year SI-Stations 2 years. The installer does not run on Windows XP anymore. SPORTident does not offer an online shop. They are available in three different sizes:

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Together we will find the perfect size of your set – to create a stunning experience for you and your runners. This SI-Card is an advanced passive punching card for orienteering and outdoor sports which features high punching speed and bigger data storage. In Beacon mode, the data record about the passed control stations will be saved in more than one SIAC at the same time.

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Each SI-Card number appears for 3 seconds after punching. The delivery time is weeks after your order is placed. This RSSI is used to control and define the signal fields to avoid interferences with other magnetic fields, p. Not only coming with high punching speed but also SI-Card10 features large memory size which is able to store up to intermediate times. Use the ComCard Pro to both navigate on the track and punch at the control stations.


Special light and high mobility, space for control cards.

Please be aware that you still need. It makes the SI-Card10 the perfect choice for the ambitious runner. Please use the portable version on Windows XP machines to stay up to date with the application and the firmware package.

Sportident Main Station BSM8-USB

MeOS is a open source PC software. The station comes with a ground antenna, which is plugged in the SI-Station. Standard users should load and install the normal setup version. All articles are listed in the product navigation on the right side and in our article list.

Documentation and samples are included in the setup. The capsule features a large needle and a full scale, making it ideal for the beginning and advanced orienteer.

With the set you get many possibilities of evaluating and sportudent the data e.

Windows XP – 10 Download: They are available in three different sizes: The station can be controlled and also be charged by USB interface. All prices include VAT. For environmental reasons the station has no internal battery, the power will be provided from the USB port.


By normal use the battery life time is approximately four years, after that the battery can be replaced by SPORTident. For compatibility reasons the station can be switched into a lower transmission speed of baud. The SI-Station only works in combination soprtident the ground antenna.

Warranty Thermal-printer 1 year SI-Stations 2 years. The delivery time is weeks It combines the SI-Card10 and a high-quality compass in one single, beautiful device. Availability Set or single cards. sporgident

At SPORTident, we support the preparation, realisation and evaluation of your leisure and competition sport events. The SI-Card8 is available in two body colors, red and blue.

SI-Card10 comes in sundry-coloured tips and a transparent body.

SI-Card9 comes in vary-coloured tips and bodies which is possible to be customized. In addition, please consider to abdicate Windows XP and use a more recent Windows operating system. It was a special goal to develop a device which meets the growing requirement to protect our environment best.