The TaylorMade R11 driver is the ultimate in driver optimization. I have been using them for a year so far and agree they are excellent. Progressive CG location positions the CG low in the longer irons to make them easier to launch, and higher in the shorter irons. Great balance of accuracy and length from the tee. Absolutely pounding the ball with a beautiful ball flight. The heads are progressive in shape, but that’s not noticeable when playing like Burners.

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I was not as taylormade rll a fan of the white head as others, I am more of a traditionalist, but you cannot dispute the impressive performance. Absolutely pounding the ball with a beautiful ball flight.

Definitely on my wish taylormade rll.

TaylorMade R11 Driver Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

Distance is increasing with every fine tune, although taylormade rll not to change too much at once, 1 setting at a time!! Matrix Lie Angle We take actual images of the item you are buying!

On a visit to the TaylorMade fitting centre at Kingsfield near Edinburgh, we had a chance to play around on a trackman system to find taylormade rll optimum set up for our swings with the R11 driver and you really do need some taulormade of system like this to accurately measure each setting to find the right taylormade rll for you.

I was using the Taylormade rll D2 9. Paul Bryant handicap 17 said he could play with these irons all day long and the performance actually gave him goose bumps — they were that impressive.

TaylorMade R11 Driver Review

At a glance TG Rating 4. For sale is a rl I like the look of the driver, but am not sure if it is worth the taylormade rll over the R9, taylormade rll I hit quite well but not as far as my R7 quad, which sadly I gave away to a friend during the honeymoon period with my new R9. Got to try it for the first time today and I must say this driver is perfect if you have A LOT of torque and power on your down swing.


YES, they have been superseeded with the rocketballz and new rocketbladez but if your new to the game they are very forgiving and are tqylormade off the tee with easy control. Taylormade rll isn’t everything – ask Luke!

Thought about leaving taylormade rll review as that, but I will expand.

One thing most golfers will not dislike is the performance. I hit the ball high and long. Taylormade rll TaylorMade R11 driver really stands out for the matt white finish and we have taylormade rll say we liked it.

Write a Review Thank you, your review has been submitted successfully and will be included on the page once approved. Fitted with top quality KBS 90 steel shafts as standard. With the centre of gravity rising through the set, even the long-irons are a joy to hit and better players may choose to stick with these rather than taylormade rll for a hybrid as they are just as easy to hit and more accurate.

Your review title You must enter a title. Hit the R11 in standard set up didnt taylormade rll any of the settings taylormade rll got a consistent penetrating ball flight. Although taylormade rll didnt hit the R11 any longer than mylongest drive of around i was carrying the ball about 10 yards longer and was up around alot more consistently than the D2. Like previous models the heads feel light and are effortless to taylormade rll. Combined with a classical driver head shape the R11 ticked all the boxes before we got to the business of hitting the ball.


Taylormade rll key changes are the adjustable hosel that now has an ext Before using the R11, my drives would slice so much ruining my game because I would have some difficult time recovering. Essentially, unless you hit the ball consistently then you aren’t going to see the effects and each time you adjust it, it’s like taylormade rll to know a new driver all over again. Winn Golf Master Wrap. Ultra-thin face thickness promotes faster ball speed and distance in the R11 taylormade rll and middle-irons.

TaylorMade R11 Driver

The R11s look taylormade rll little rounded and a little oversized, but their performance is incredible. March Test Team: Mild marks; a few scratches or nick Given that there is decent sized cavity in the back of the heads, you hardly notice it visually and the sound at impact of the TaylorMade R11 irons is very good, whilst taylormade rll being as completely solid as say a taylormade rll iron.

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