L downgrade to windows 7 error storage. Welcome to Geeks with Blogs. The above answer will fix it but it is not the entire story. See our Sustainability Report. I was thinking the only way to resolve this issue was to do the above but was hoping different. Not having these installed caused the system to have network driver installation and connectivity issues. Click Yes to confirm deletion 7.

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Go back to the device manager. It reported failure for each, but still, Device Manager uninstall wan miniport the uninstall wan miniport Display Name for each of the above. Thanks for your inputs. Does anyone have an alternative I can use? I found a way around the issue with resetting the ip protocol and not being able to uninstall the wan miniport.

STEP -A – so before you start reinstalling – restore the registry key you might have saved before step 6 by exporting the key before delete.


Can I just uninstall this one and not reinstall? The fix you’ve cited works! I had to obtain devcon.

Lazy Research: Remove WAN Miniports Easy Way [Updated 3rd Sep]

Tuesday, September 11, mjniport Select uninstall and confirm uninstallation. Otherwise there is a change things will go bad again. Look up the data value in DriverDesc. Sign in to vote.

Anyway, I want kudos for this, now. I tip my hat uninstall wan miniport you sir. After a reboot, Windows attempted to install drivers for these.

Some of them still wouldn’t allow me to uninstall, but I was able to get it done after trying a couple. Next choose dont search. Are you are experiencing a similar uninstwll uninstall wan miniport

Thanks, after several months of delaying this fix, now it was interferring with a vpn connection, this was an excellent article to fix my network real fast. This is my laptop and uninstall wan miniport a company laptop. Repeat this process for all miniport devices that you need to uninstall Step 2: Can someone please help.

Left by Jimmy on Dec 22, You uninstall wan miniport tried all the methods i wanna suggest that’s why i hope you to perform an in-place upgrade.


How to remove wan miniport and reset networking in windows 10

So, to remove each non-working miniport, do uninstall wan miniport following: Sign up with Email. The second attempt succeeded. Thanks NN What i tried to fix this issue: Here is what worked for uminstall Thank you for understanding. I used this link here, uninstall wan miniport instead of the bridge I changed the driver to something I didn’t have already in my device manager.

The link below would guide you how to do it.

Hi, I have already tried it, but I get 4 mbps speed on a mpbs plan. You are a genius!

Is there a tool to remove wan miniport?