The 3 attempts might be in the middle of driver installation and system configuration. Tried to use cross over cable and ethernet hub to connect. This is just a misprint on the packaging. Check whether both LEDs light up, and when you plug the modem in, check to see if the system can detect the device. Check under the device manager to see whether the hub is properly installed or the USB host controller and the root hub is properly installed. The hardware is not recognized by my system.

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Check to see if you have the latest driver installed. To cascade the unit you have to take the output and go to the input on the next hub.

I purchased several converters from you guys, this one works well too. If that does not work, run cleanup. Had him delete them. DB9 – RJ45 adapter. During installation, lost power, could not get the new hardware message pop up again.

Could not install on his home computer.

Does convertet support the bi-directional feature? Asked whether he could use it between Win98 and WinME computers, and whether there is additional driver needs to be downloaded. Make sure your system supports USB.


USB to Serial Cable Adapter

The HP does not support bi-directional. Invoke the new hardware installation wizzard from device and specify driver location. The hardware is not recognized by my system.

My computer won’t load the driver for the unit. Check the USB parallel adapter to see if it is properly installed, disable the bi-directional feature for the HP printer. The instruction manual section on checking 22000 installation clearly states that a component should have been installed under the USB Controller heading at the device manager.

We do not have the product driver file. But if it does not show up on the device manager list, it might be a problem with the system. They are using all WinME machine A: I got the USC adapter for my parallel device because the user guide said it is for both serial and parallel – can I really use it with both? Could not connect to LAN.

Has a laptop belongs to a domain and a desktop belongs to home workgroup, asked whether USB-link can handle this situation.

Download usc usb serial converter driver | usc usb serial converter driver

No, it will not degrade the xonverter performance. Nothing from updock was installed. Whenever I reboot the computer, I get an error printing to the printer.


The other devices installed fine. When I transfer big files, my computer hangs in the middle of the transfer, also it disconnects the other PC once in a while.

QVS Technical Support – FAQs

If these steps don’t help, you may have to check whether the ssrial requires a powered USB hub. It is also possible that Win 95 does not have full USB support. Click here for a deeper technical explanation of these problems. I could not install the converter.

Bad CD, missing file, MI has seria, pieces. Check your version of Win 95, also make sure that the USB supplement is installed. It is only actually for serial, it is a misprint on the user guide.